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Gutter Helmet


Since 2001, homeowners throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin have trusted Gutter Helmet of Minnesota for gutter protection products that are superior to the rest. Our maintenance-free gutter covers have a multi-patented design that was invented more than 30 years ago and has helped countless homeowners keep their gutters free of debris. Our gutter guard system features a bull-nose edge that is specially coated to efficiently channel rain water into your gutters while keeping out leaves, twigs, seed pods, asphalt shingle granules, and more. It can even prevent birds and other animals from nesting in your gutter system.

There are many benefits to choosing our gutter protection system. Most importantly, once Gutter Helmet is installed on your home, you’ll never again have to climb a ladder to perform the potentially dangerous task of cleaning your gutters. Gutter Helmet also can protect you and your home from mold and mildew that can infiltrate attics, basements, and open wall spaces due to clogged gutters. Additionally, it can prevent landscape erosion and water damage to your home by keeping gutters clear and rainwater flowing through the proper channels.

How It Works

Our rain gutter system is made of a textured surface, allowing rainwater to cling to the surface as it flows downward. The edge of each of our gutter guard systems is curved and extends past the edge of the gutter to allow rainwater to flow naturally into the gutter system while keeping debris out of your gutters.